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Claude Dozorme Steak Knives Wood (Set of 6)

Claude Dozorme Steak Knives Wood (Set of 6)
Brand: Claude Dozorme
Product Code: cdsteakkw6
Price: $452.00

Set of 6 Wood Berlingot Steak Knives in Wood Box

Woods of the World (copy from flyer in box)

(Used for these 6 handles of Claude Dozorme knives)

  • Ebony: This is a hard wood; Black Ebony often comes from Madagascar. The most beautiful ebony is without nodes with tight grains and a bright color. Ebony is one of the most beautiful woods used in cabinetmaking. Its hardness explains its fragility: it breaks easily when you work on it.
  • Palo Santos, or Gayac: This wood growth on the Saint-Domingo Islands (America). This wood is solid, dense and resinous with a green and lined color following concentric layers. It gives off a strong smell when you work on it.
  • Oak: A large tree common to the forests of Europe, it is characterized by cracked bark, lobed leaves, twisted branches and special fruit: the acorn. Oak provides a very highly thought of wood to work.
  • Palissandre (Rosewood):This wood growth in the Tropical forest and is called "Mossutaiba" by the Brazilians fazendarios, a name untranslatable. This authorised wood without any restrictions from Washington Convention is a costly wood but remain really appreciated by the cabinetmakers. Its colors can be maroon or brown-red with sometimes crimson veins.
  • Bubinga (exotic wood): It is an Afrian essence which comes from Cameroon and Gabon. Its colors can be dark grey or pink-purple. It has an important density; after seasoning, it gets a good stability and a good solidity. It is often used by instrument makers because this wood gives consistency to the sound with beautiful resonance.
  • Cade: Close to the Juniper, cade is a tortured and thorny bush of the Mediterranean scrub. This is one of the most beautiful and precious wood of Provence. It is a colored, hardy, odorous and imputrescible wood. It contains oil extracted for its cosmetic, medical and veterinary properties.

Advisded using: As all the natural materials, all these woods can be easily damaged by humidity. The knives must not stay in the water. You just have to wash the blade with tepid water and dry them. Dishwasher is not safe.